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Let’s Talk: 5 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Cheating is such a touchy subject for men and women because everyone has their own reasons of why they cheat. For so long, there has been this notion that men are the only cheaters but in reality both sexes cheat.


The most popular image that we have seen in movies and videos are men cheating and women scorned. The truth of the matter is that both men and women cheat. But, they each handle the situations differently. When men cheat, the woman usually stays in the relationship and tries to make things work. On the other hand, when women cheat, the men cannot handle it.


Men cannot handle a woman getting close to another man mentally, physically, or emotionally. Imagining his lady doing all the things that she does for him with another man will drive him crazy. Men claim that when they cheat, it is just about sex and nothing more. But when women step out of their relationship, they are looking for things that their current relationship lacks.


It is said that when women cheat, the scar is much deeper. By that I mean that when a woman steps out of her relationship, it is for reasons that could ruin her relationship. A woman that steps out isn’t happy and has made some sort of emotional connection to another man, for one reason or another.


The guy in the woman’s life can be prince charming but he could be lacking in the bedroom. Also, it is possible that his head game is super wack and can’t seem to fulfill all of his ladies’ needs and wants sexually.


To get a better understanding of why women cheat, we decided to ask our Twitter followers. and here are the top 5 reasons women cheat in no particular order…


5. Women are looking for an emotional fulfillment.

4. The sex just isn’t cutting it anymore.

3. For the excitement.

2. Revenge

1. New attraction


No matter what the reason is for the cheating, on both ends, I believe there are ways to save a marriage or relationship without stepping out on your partner. Many of us still believe in monogamy, but of course the divorce rate would disagree with me.


Relationships are not easy whether you are dating or married. You are going to have ups and downs but you have to communicate with one another. Its not going to be flowers and candy all the time but you work at it, and try to understand each other. Take the time to build one another up and fix what is broken, if possible.

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