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Let’s Talk: Do You Believe That You Can Lose Your Significant Other The Way You Got Them?

I know we have all heard the saying, “God is not going to send you someone else’s man!” Could there be some truth to this statement? Absolutely! Many of us have prayed for a good relationship to come our way, especially after dealing with the liars, cheaters, and those that are simply not ready to be in a relationship. But just because you prayed on a relationship, doesn’t mean that the next person that crosses your path is for you, especially if he’s taken.


What puzzles me is how someone can pursue a man or woman that’s in a relationship and expect a positive outcome? Let’s say the man or woman leaves the person they are with. Does that mean you are in the clear of karma making its way back to you?


Many assume that their relationship will be different from their significant other’s past relationship but that’s far from the truth. The only difference in the relationship is you. Your significant other may be charming, loving, and spoils you in every way you can imagine. But what happens when a new person crosses their path?


Let’s be honest for a second. Didn’t your position open up when they made you the leading person in their life? Your karma may not come right away but it’s coming.


In other words, find someone that’s for you and only you. Not someone else’s mate!

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