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Let’s Talk: Are Black People Considered “Angry” If They Don’t Want To Be The Bigger Person In Certain Situations?


With so much controversy going on in the world, many people fail to realize black people have silenced themselves on numerous situations just to be the bigger person. But, it seems as if when the black community starts to speak out and take a stand, they are viewed as another “Angry Black Person.”

But Why?

The true American values are being displayed at an all-time high with #DonaldTrump’s presidency. Let’s be real, all the protest are nothing new and the constant discrimination that black people face daily is the norm. They expect us to be silent and be committed to a country that’s never been in favor of black people.

Taking the bigger role to not be viewed as the Angry Black Person is a washed-up statement because simultaneously, the world has seen how black people have been mistreated all the way down to our deep-rooted history. That statement is just a way to distract us from what’s really happening, while trying to deter us from using our voice.


As a black man myself, I will continue to be vocal even in the midst of it all, including the labeling of the “Angry Black Man.” The truth is, I am angry. Angry, at the fact that us black people are still fighting so much adversity through everything we’ve contributed to this great country. At the end of the day, our ancestors “built this sh*t for free,” so we have a right to yell and scream for the sake of equal rights.

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