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Let’s Talk: Why Do Black Women Get Praised For Dating Men Outside Of Their Race But Black Men Get Bashed?

In this day and age, black women are praised for dating white men but as soon as a black man does it, he’s called all kinds of names. What’s the difference?


As soon as a black woman has been lied to and cheated on by a black man, her girls are like, “you are better off with a white man. Leave his ass girl.” Women praise her for dating outside of her race. Does the race really matter when it comes to infidelity or lying? Last time I checked, all races cheat.


Now, when a black man hooks up or marries a woman of another race he’s trash. Why is that?


“All these beautiful black women out here and he goes to a woman outside of his race.” says black women who don’t approve.


Well, is it possible that he feels the same way you do towards men, better yet black men? What if he wants a change like you do? No need to make him feel like less of a man for dating a white woman.


Date who the hell you want to date. It’s not about what everyone else thinks. Your happiness is all that matters. If you want to date black, white, Mexican, Puerto Rican , Japanese,etc., then do so.


I know there’s a lot of racism going on with our society but we can’t penalize everyone. Not everyone of a different race acts the same way as our clown ass celebrity-in-chief. Don’t get me wrong, there are some low down shady ass people out here, but everyone isn’t the same.


At the end of the day f*ck everyone’s opinion and date who the hell you want to date. Like, what are they going to do?

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  1. I don’t care who dates who but the answer is simple. You see it much more often, the black man dating out, especially when a certain level of wealth/richness is reached. People are not blind, we see it and others do too. I have heard COUNTLESS times other races questioning why it seems that so many black me date out. It makes them question what is wrong with black women. Of course location matters but some places, that’s all you see. I am in the Silicon Valley and that is ALL you see. Single, successful blk women, and black men coupled with others. I’ve been to many other states and cities and observed the same trend. It’s not secret….

    Not to mention the black men who date out and bash black women in the process. People will challenge the latter, but I know in my experience, this is what I’ve observed. I have not come across the reverse often, but that is just my experience.

    So I think people praise black women for dating out because you don’t see it as often, and quite frankly, it’s like a you go girl. F being single, and lonely all because you’re waiting around for a black man and not open to others. If they are dating out in high numbers like that, no need to keep trying to chase men who obviously want out for whatever reasons.

    I personally do not care at all. My current bf is black, but the last was Asian so I date who I want. Trying to just say I am coming from an unbiased standpoint.

  2. Black men are always and have always dated white women just look at all income levels and you will see. It is true. But let’s not forget the black men who like tyreese and Brian white (black actor) who talk bad about and hate black women, (even though their mothers are black , go figure. All I have to say is (get out) the movie, remember fellas # art imitates real life# happy dating black men with white girls.

  3. The black community needs a serious overhaul. It’s ridiculous that we encourage black people to date out. By doing this, we put the nuclear Black family at risk. We need to build our community, get our wealth up together, and establish a bigger political voice. Fuk trying to bring others into our fold! We seriously need to get our shit together!

  4. Cause they want everything there way and if it ain’t they get pissy.

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