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Let’s Talk: Can Sex Be Casual Without Catching Feelings?

Relationships are not for everyone. You have some people who love being in a relationship and then you have those who prefer the single life.


For those that have been under a rock and are unsure of what “casual sex” means, it’s when two people have intercourse without any strings attached. In other words, you cannot get upset if he or she is doing them. It’s not your place or business to be concerned with what they are doing with someone else.

When you accept the role of having casual sex with someone, you have to detach your feelings and emotions for the person. The question is, can you just have sex and not have feelings at all? For some people, the answer is yes but for others they see sex as an emotional attachment.
Only you know your body. You cannot have casual sex with a crush, an ex, or anyone that you have had some type of emotional bond with. You already know how you will react once you open that door, so steer away if that’s you.
Sex is an emotional bond that two people share and at times it can be difficult to have to sex casually. If you choose to have casual sex, protect yourself. Understand that it is possible that he or she could be having casual sex with others.
Remember, casual sex is not for the weak nor is it for those that are looking for a serious relationship.

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