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Let’s Talk: Can Women Go From A Bad Boy To A Clean Cut Business Man?

Before you stop at the title and say, “What kind of question is this? Ummm yeah,” let’s really discuss this topic behind the title. Ladies, I know we all have a “type” that we are simply attracted to and can’t get enough of them. I mean we can’t help that we like what we like but eventually we do grow up. 

Slim Thug posted a video saying that he doesn’t think that women can go from wanting a “street dude” to a clean cut business type of guy. In my opinion, that’s the dumbest sh*t I’ve ever heard. That’s like saying a guy can’t go from messing with a thot to a businesswoman. You like what you like but eventually, you realize it’s not what you truly want out of a relationship or for your future. 

Everyone goes through a phase and dating a street guy is just that a phase, in some cases. You think you want to date this guy but of course, he comes with baggage no one wants to deal with. A big percentage of them are afraid of commitment and don’t want to take things to the next level. We all have standards and there is nothing wrong with that. The street guy was attractive, but do you see yourself having children with this guy? Do you see yourself getting old with the guy? If a person cannot answer “yes” to these questions, then why the hell should she continue wasting her time. 

What also struck a nerve was when Slim Thug said that we move onto the clean-cut guy for financial stability. Who doesn’t want financial stability? The street guy was also great for financial stability but he couldn’t stay to true to the one he claims he love or better yet, he failed to show his woman the respect she definitely deserves. 

I don’t know any man or woman that doesn’t want financial stability. When you go into a long-term relationship and/or marriage, you are with this person so that the two of you can build together. No one wants to continue a relationship with someone filled with broken promises and can’t take care of his household. A relationship is a team effort. Women don’t mind holding their own, trust and believe. So to think that we want a clean cut man for just financial stability is far-fetched. How about we want a clean cut guy because that’s what we are attracted to. Better yet, how about I want this clean-cut guy because he treats me like a queen and puts me first. 

People like what they like because that’s their preference. We can like who we want to like because that was a choice we wanted to make. No one wants to continue a relationship with someone that obviously didn’t want them. Let people love who they want to love but understand we don’t need a man to be successful. As a matter of fact, we want a man that will not only invest in our business but invest in our future.


What y’all think? I did sound like I was hating on those clips ??‍♂️

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