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Let’s Talk: Does The College Degree Still Hold Weight?

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Postgrad blues have set in. Do you hear me? It has left me thinking about the decision I made to go off to college to pursue a career in….. well, that may just be the problem.


Now before you all jump down my throat, this conversation excludes those who went to school for education, medicine, accounting, engineering, and/or computer science, or any other field of genius..ism.


For those who did not go to school for any of the above, now that you’ve graduated and are doing what you’re doing, was it really worth it?


More recent than not, the thoughts of all the money and time that were wasted while at an institution to get this degree that everyone told me I needed has been heavy on my mind.


It’s a known fact that now more than ever, people are starting up their own businesses, and financing their lifestyles via niches and trades of their own. No degree in sight.


Here I am, a recent graduate, and on a hunt for work. Because of this, I now wish I was less naive when I was graduating from high school. Social media has been a fire engine for businesses everywhere. You don’t need a degree to market yourself these days or to pursue your dreams in entertainment, business, etc. Not to mention the infamous “Instagram model,” who are getting paid to do…. What do they do again?


Education is important, yes, but in today’s world, it’s all about the schmoney, and right now, I owe a lot of that to my university.


College comes with obstacles, only those who have gone can relate to this. Yes, you have a great time. Yes, you meet great people, and yes you learn a lot about yourself, but life provides that anyways… right?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Don’t get it twisted – my degree is appreciated, and I am proud of myself for doing something a lot of people can’t do, but now I can’t help but to think – was it really worth it?


What are some of your thoughts on college?

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