Let’s Talk: Have You Ever Thought “Only If I Would’ve Met Them Earlier In Life?”

People often come into our lives for different reasons, whether it’s for a blessing or a lesson. We may not know why this person has entered our lives but eventually we begin to find answers. 

Let’s say you’ve been dating this special person in your life who you have been feeling for a while. Everything seems right, from the conversations to how they treat you. You begin to think this person may be the one you want to truly be with. 

Everything seems so clear until someone new crosses your path. The two of you hit it off and become really good friends. You can literally share anything with this person, almost as a best friend. The connection that the two of you have is indescribable and no one would really understand. The problem is, you’re in a relationship. Do you take a chance or wait to see if this is really worth it? 

There are so many pros and cons in this situation that could leave someone hurt, especially you. There are times when we want to act on certain situations too quickly without thinking of the “what if’s.” 

In all honesty, leaving the one you love for someone you like never ends well. You see all of these qualities in a person and think that it’s picture perfect only because you are in a relationship. But, if you were single would you really feel the same way?

Now, I’m not saying leave the one you love for the one you like but I’m sure it has crossed your mind at some point and you think to yourself, “If only I had met you earlier.”

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