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Let’s Talk : Is Being Faithful Hard?


There is nothing hard in life. There are things that require more discipline than others and being faithful is one of them. You have to learn to quiet your quest to conquer.
Individuals seem to struggle with “faithfulness” because of immaturity and lack of self control. Many are caught up with the idea of quantity and not necessarily quality. So they spend their times acquiring more individuals to satisfy their selfish intents.
Being faithful is like anything else you want to do in life, you work towards it. When you don’t want to do something, no suffices. So when that “new new” comes around, a no will suffice then.
Everything that catches your eye shouldn’t catch your attention. Just because it looks like a better opportunity doesn’t mean it is. Why risk losing what you have behind something that’s temporary?
When you weigh the risks, remaining faithful doesn’t become that hard. You want to experience something new, tell your significant other? You want more attention? Express that. You want to try something kinky? Ask. At no point should you step out on your relationship.
It’s discipline. Just as you get up for work although you want to quit that b!tch, you practice being faithful. You want to see what’s out there , but your joint at home is waiting on you. You keep it moving. It becomes hard when you lessen the risk involved and think about quantity over quality.
Let me put it to you this way, you can claim it’s hard, but acknowledge the difficulty when your significant other does to you, what you are doing to them.

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