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Let’s Talk: Why Is The Graduation Rate Low At Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU)?

For many in the black community, attending college is such a major accomplishment. But what’s even better is graduating from your university of choice to pursue your dreams.

Now, I’m not advocating for everyone to go to college because there are other avenues that one can take to be successful. I’m a firm believer of people doing what it takes to be successful without having to depend on anyone to make a living.


Attending historically black colleges is an amazing choice for one to get to know their culture and taking networking to the next level. But, nowadays it’s discouraging for many to attend an HBCU due to the low graduation for some of the most phenomenal schools.


According to the Atlanta Journal, there are more than 20 HBCUs with a graduation rate of 20 percent and lower. Also, students are graduating in a 6-year timeframe rather than four years. Now, there are many circumstances on why it’s taking many longer to graduate. Degree programs are constantly changing, breaks in between, and of course financial aid.


The publication has also stated that “institutions that have very few Pell Grant-eligible students typically have very, very high graduation rates.”


As an HBCU graduate, it was a wonderful experience but college is not for everyone. Many go to college for the wrong reasons, but an education isn’t one. Let’s be honest for a second. There are some students that struggled in grade school, didn’t have a great work ethic, and thought that college would be different. It’s not different. Now, they are in a college environment and still struggling, which eventually brings the graduation rate down.


Many attend HBCUs because they are easier to get into and they don’t require high test scores or attend college for years and claim the title of “long-term student.”


What are your thoughts on the low graduation rate for HBCUs?

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