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Lets Talk: How Do I Handle Being Married To A Pathological Liar?

Ideally, a marriage should be built on trust, respect, and honesty. Going into a marriage hiding important things from your partner could later destroy your relationship.


It’s one thing to lie about the small stuff but to continuously lie about everything you do isn’t a healthy relationship and will not last. If they were a liar while you were dating, what makes you think they’ll change when you say, “I Do?” It’s not going to change regardless of how many times you curse them out, they have to be willing to change things on their own. If they decide to change, trust and believe it’s not going to be easy.


Let’s take Don from Black Ink Chicago for example. He has been lying to his wife Ashley since before they were married. The relationship was never built on trust, especially when outside children are added to the equation. To makes matter worst, he still cheating with an alleged baby.



It’s not only disrespectful to cheat on your spouse but to continue to lie about what you’re doing is even more hurtful. But let’s be honest, it’s not all your spouse fault in this situation. If you married them knowing they were a pathological liar, then how can you blame them for still doing it?



Remember, people will only do what you allow them to do. If you are so fed up with what’s going on in your relationship, then you’ll end it. But you have to be sick and tired of being in the situation. No one can force you to leave.



The easiest way to handle a pathological liar in a marriage is to not go into a marriage with them period, especially if you saw the signs prior to.

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  1. Ashley deserves everything Don does to her. Her and any woman like her. You are the fool if you think a man will change when he says I do. And many women go into things thinking that they will get better and really just don’t want to see him with another woman or happy with the other woman. Or how many don’t get to the wedding part and when he moves on they keep sleeping with him once he’s in a new relationship? Nick Young. Know the man is in a relationship but just cause how he treated them and how things end they are more than willing to keep sleeping with him and not letting him or themselves to move on.

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