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Let’s Talk: Is He or She Interested In Me or Just Throwing Mixed Signals?







Trying to understand people can be hard as hell. The way they talk to you and treat you can throw you for a loop, especially when you feel like you are more than interested in them then they are in you.


The worse feeling is putting yourself out there and getting mushed into the friend zone. But, are you willing to risk it all for a bigger reward? What’s the next step? Do you let them know how you’re feeling? Or do you chalk it up to a loss? Do you you go out on a limb? Are you making a damn fool of yourself? All of these questions needs answers.


Sometimes it can be hard to address someone about how they feel about you without sounding desperate. You text all the time, he’s always smiling in your face, and making it seem like he’s so into you.


If you want the person, it’s time to man or woman up and ask them out. The worst thing that could happen is for them to say ‘no.’ Well if they say no, remember no love lost and keep it moving.


Now you know where the two of you stand. Let them go their way and don’t fall into that trap again. If someone wants you, they will try to get at you. They won’t be into the childish games and will let you know how they truly feel about you.


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