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Let’s Talk: Ladies, If Your Man Hasn’t Proposed To You, Would You Get On Your Knees and Propose?

There has always been a controversy over a person’s role in a relationship and the expectations of each. One of the biggest controversies is on the topic of proposals and who is supposed to get down on bended knee.

If you’ve watched #BlackInkChicago, then you know that last season Charmaine proposed to her boyfriend. After proposing in front of her friends at a lingerie party, he declined. The couple stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to discuss the proposal, which leads to us asking “Ladies would you propose to your mate?”

There are some women who proclaim that they would NEVER do such a thing and end up going off on a tangent blaming ALL men and their inability to “step up.”

Now, none of us know a person’s relationship and what they discuss in terms of marriage. You have some women over society’s rules and expectations on what a person should and shouldn’t do in their relationship. Is it wrong for the woman to go after the man she loves? Would the latter be so bad?

While some women expressed that they would never propose to a guy, some women feel that if they were to propose it would be in a private setting.

There are many speculations and questions that form on why a man hasn’t proposed to his girl and what made her want to propose. Is it possible that he didn’t propose yet because he’s not ready? Or could it be that a woman is ready for marriage and doesn’t want to sit around twiddling her thumbs waiting for a proposal. So, a woman shouldn’t have any initiative? It seems that a lot of these reactions are out of fear or rejection than an actual belief in gender roles or the way things should naturally occur.

It seems like people love trying to tell others what they are supposed to do. You aren’t supposed to say this or wear that. You’re supposed to live here and go there. Women aren’t supposed to do this and men are supposed to do that.

If you do find yourself ready and waiting do you go to your guy and say “hey, if we don’t move forward within the next year I am leaving?”

Would you propose to your man? Why or why not? Do you believe that a woman proposing to a man is an isolated case or do you believe it correlates to a generation of men “not stepping up” and forcing women to do so?

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  1. I’ve been married 2 times. The 1st time I was proposed to and although the marriage lasted for nearly 6.5 years, I actually knew almost immediately that I wasn’t ready for marriage and often wondered if I felt pressured. I proposed to my now husband almost 20 years ago and we have been happily married for 18 years come July 22nd. I proposed to him because I wanted to marry him and didn’t care what is so called traditional. It’s funny because then and to date he insists he was ready to propose to me when I asked him but that I beat him to it. I believe he was afraid of being possibly rejected.

  2. Why is this even a topic? Women want to be equal to men this is part of it too! The feminist movement wants to empower women and encourage us that we can do everything that men can do so this is one of the things men do. So we can too!!!
    For this to be asked shows there is somethings that need to be cleared up about being equal. If it’s not for you then don’t ask. To each their own no pressure if it’s not for you if it is…go for it.

    Congratulations on 18 years of marriage! You did it when it was not popular or a trend to ask a man! That’s real girl power!!!

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