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Let’s Talk: Is Marriage Before Kids A Thing Of The Past?

For years, having children out of wedlock had been frowned upon by the older generation. Regardless of age, it was just something they didn’t agree with at all. They wanted you to get married and then have children.


It seems like nowadays many are over the “traditional” outlook of life and prefer to live their life the way they want to. Who says there is a right way to live your own life?


Is marriage for everyone? Absolutely not! For their own personal preferences, many would rather not go down that road. On the other hand, you have single mothers or fathers that wished they would have waited to have to have a family with a spouse.


Having children out of wedlock doesn’t make you less of a man or woman. There are plenty single parents that do an amazing job co-parenting. It’s honestly your choice and your decision, whether or not you want to have children after getting married.


If you choose to have children first, do what needs to be done to ensure your child/children have a roof over their head, clothes on their backs, and food in their mouth.


Do you think traditional life is a thing of the past?

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  1. ” Who says there is a right way to live your own life?” This statement right here has an air of selfishness. And if you have children selfish is the LAST thing you should be!!! This tradition has fallen by the wayside and think about it. When did divorces become popular? Single parents have been on the raise for so long they are normal now! No one will tell you this but NONE of it is easy! If people would choose their partners more carefully then there wouldn’t be so many unplanned children running around. And statically children raised by BOTH parents have a better chance in life. It’s okay for you to live you life how you want to but when you add someone else to the mix that totally depends on you, your way of thinking should change to give your child a better chance than you had!

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