Let’s Talk: Masturbation and Reaching the Big “O”

While most of us love to talk a good game when it comes to our sex skills, we never seem to be as open about the things we could improve on.


Though successfully pleasing yourself can vary from woman to woman, there are a few keys to successfully achieving the big “O”.


Relax- This is the first (and probably the most important step) to having a successful orgasm. You have to loosen up, calm down, and get out your head. You will never be satisfied if you’re too uptight.


Explore- If you are continuously doing the same positions on a regular, it might be time to try something different. Never be afraid to explore with different “tools”, different settings, and different positions. You might be surprised at how QUICKLY things get going. Ignite your curiosity.


Get to know your body- If this is your first time, take a moment to learn and get comfortable with the anatomy of your body. Explore your queendom and figure out what feels good to “her.”


Be patient-Time constraints force you to not only overthink, but also get frustrated about how long it’s taking. Take your time and really appreciate the moment. It will make the end result even more satisfying.


While every woman’s body is different, reaching the desired orgasm is more about mind than matter. It is a freeing experience to give yourself the satisfaction that society says is only attainable with someone else. When you open your mind and let that freeing energy in, you’ll be sure to get the satisfaction you’ve been waiting for.

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