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Let’s Talk: Do All Men Cheat?

When you ask women whether or not if all men cheat, majority will answer with a hard yes. Most of the time, when women have been hurt continuously by men, we end up putting men in one category.


Often times, some women confuse cheating with love. “I cheat on you because I care about you,” says the cheater. Rather than filling a woman’s head up with bullsh*t, be honest and tell her the truth. If you are not satisfied with the relationship, then leave. There’s no need to cheat, then think you are going to go home and lay up with “bae.”
A man that is in a relationship and still cheats on his significant other is disrespectful and selfish as hell. It’s not fair to your mate nor is it fair to the woman that the man is cheating with.
Now, let’s not put all the blame on the men. There are some women that know that their man is cheating and continuously stay in the relationship. You are basically letting him know that you are okay with the situation. People will only do what you allow them to do. So, if you are sick of the cheating and lies, don’t put up with it.
Do men cheat? Yes they do but not all men cheat on the women they want to be with. There are some good men out here that will treat their woman like the queen she is. Everyone deserves to be respected but if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will.

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