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Let’s Talk: Do Men and Women Act Alike When It Comes To Waiting To Have Sex?

Do men and women act alike in any way? This question was brought to me and immediately the word “yes” came out. Many may not think we act alike, but in actuality, we do. The only difference is that sometimes women are criticized or looked down on because in other people’s eyes we shouldn’t do certain things or act in a certain way.

For example, let’s take sex and relationships. There are many men and women who love sex and see nothing wrong with having sex when they are ready, regardless of waiting. You also have men and women who are okay with having casual sex while being single as long as they wrap it up.

Now, if a woman says that she had sex on the first date or didn’t wait 90 days, she’s a hoe. But, why? Where does it say that we must wait 30-90 days to have intercourse? Does it make you feel better about yourself that you waited? It’s understandable if you prefer to wait until you are married to have sex but times have definitely changed. People are more open about their sexuality and don’t feel the need to hold back.

Nowadays, you have women that enjoy sex almost as much as men. The decision to have sex should be made by both parties. As long as you are practicing safe sex, do what you want. Remember, you are an adult and whatever decision you make is your decision.


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