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Let’s Talk: Would You Move Into A Home With Your Significant Other That He/She Shared With An Ex?

No one goes into a relationship thinking that it’s going to end, but it happens. After a breakup, many feel that you should give it time before bringing someone new into your life. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t operate in that way.

Regardless of how long you wait, if you are ready to begin dating, then there’s no need to wait. But, what happens when the new relationship becomes serious and the two of you have a conversation about moving in with one another?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with moving in with your significant other, unless it’s a home that they once shared with an ex. Some people may not see it as an issue at the time but it could turn into a major problem once it’s actually done.

Moving into a home that your significant other shared with someone else will cause you to become uncomfortable. Think about the memories that they had in the home. Is that something you could live with?

If the two of you are discussing moving in with each other, then you are possibly headed in the direction of marriage. Wouldn’t you want to start your own memories?

The best thing to do is to let go of everything that has to deal with the past. Work on your new relationship and move forward. Look for a place together that two of you can enjoy and continue to build together.

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