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Let’s Talk: Is It Okay For Your Siblings To Be Besties With Your Ex?

Have you ever ended a relationship but your siblings continued to be your ex’s friend? Have you gotten in a relationship and your significant other’s siblings are still friends with your ex?


I’ve never understood this kind of situation. Regardless of how you and your ex broke up, your siblings should not be friends to the point they’re besties. Of course certain scenarios are different. For example, if you have children with your ex, then it’s understandable. That’s someone that will be your life for the long run.
If there are no ties with your ex, then why should your siblings communicate with them? It’s uncomfortable for the new person in your life. 90% of the time, the ex still has feelings and they continue being around your family in hopes of getting back together. Not all situations are like this but majority of the time, you can count on it.
No one wants to attend functions or activities with their bae while the ex is present laughing it up with the family. What is the point? Do they not feel stupid?
There are rules to relationships and breakups. The first important rule is, when you break up with your ex, so does everyone else. This includes family and friends. There’s this thing called “respect” that some people fail to do with one another. I’m sure there are other people that your siblings could hang out with other than your old boo!

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  1. My sister does this and I find it unacceptable. You can’t control other people just yourself. Shake it off because it’s being done with no empathy or regard for you. They won’t stop because if they had respect for you and your feelings they wouldn’t have started in the first place. Give thanks for being able to see them for who they are.

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