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Let’s Talk: How Old Is Too Old To Be Dating a Drug Dealer or Gangster?

As women, we all go through stages in our lives where we date different “types” of men, from the bad boys to momma’s boys to broke boys and gangsters. But there comes a time where you have to give up a certain type of lifestyle to progress in the real world.

As a teen, dealing with a bad boy/drug dealer is fun and adventurous. Your man has money to blow; you’re able to live lavishly, flaunting designer bags and shoes, while your other teenaged friends work for their money. However, living life on the edge, without a care in the world is only fun while it lasts. As you get older, you realize that there is so much more to live for, and the dangers of dealing with a drug dealer or gangster isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. What happens when you get caught in the crossfire of a dispute over an exchange? What happens when you get shot in retaliation over territory or just to send a message?

As women, we must be more aware of the red flags in a relationship. Dating drug dealers and gangsters should never be acceptable, because when they assume the risks, you become collateral damage. As women, we should set a higher standard on the type of men we date, because we deserve that much. A man should want to be better for you, rather than drag you into his illegitimate lifestyle.

For instance, Falicia Blakely. She let her boyfriend convince her to start “hitting licks,” now she is sitting in jail and her son is without a mother. Alice Jones was sentenced to 24 years in jail for a drug conspiracy because of a man she was involved with. There have been stories about young women who have had bright futures, and lost it all or their lives, because of the man they chose to deal with. When you reach a certain point in your life, you have to think your age. The drug dealer lifestyle is not only dangerous but you don’t want to live your life with regrets. Life is too short and I’m sure you want more from your life. Think and make sure you are living responsibly!

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  1. The majority of women with drug cases got them because they took the wrap for their man or could have been with him at the time of the bust. Cops don’t care! They find 1 piece of drugs EVERYONE is going to jail! And CPS is coming to get the kids. And that’s if your lucky. Drug dealers and gangsters get into “beef” over stupid ace stuff all the time and these people that they are dealing with have no problem shooting your house up where you live with your kids! Strays have no name! Or y’all going out to eat and someone that doesn’t like him spot y’all. They don’t care who is in the car with him! And those 2 are just the heavy stuff. What happens when he gets caught and you now have to learn to take care of yourself? You’ve been spoiled with luxury items and now you got to go back to Walmart clothes. Can you see the picture? So to answer this question when is it time to stop? It’s not, get what you can and get out. And these type of men are the MAIN one’s that can’t keep it in their pants! With all that money they clap with it attracts thirsty diggers from all around wanting a taste and then you got to deal with that. If he’s taking prison chances and breaking you off he will feel like he has a right do as he please!!!!

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