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Let’s Talk: Is There Really A Difference Between A Side Chick and A Mistress?

If you ask any woman whether there is a difference between a side chick and a mistress, many will reply with a “hell no!” When it comes to both, they have a lot of similarities and differences in how they handle their situation as well as expectations.
A side chick and a mistress are basically the other women in someone else’s relationship. In some cases, the side chick is satisfied with her situation. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship but enjoys trying to keep the man happy and content in ways that his woman can’t.
Now, a mistress is the other woman to a married man. It’s almost as if the man is living a double life. The mistress believes she is in the relationship, hoping he eventually leaves home to be with her. She doesn’t think she is in the wrong because she either didn’t know about the relationship or found out after it was too late.
Regardless of the differences between these two, cheating is still cheating and there is no other way to put it. Side Chicks and mistresses aren’t going anywhere as long as men keep making them a priority. When men stop acknowledging them, then they will go and find their own man. Since men keep them around, side chicks and mistresses will continue to work overtime to try and take what doesn’t belong to them.

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  1. Not all mistresses want their man to leave their wife. Mistresses usually receive some kind of financial compensation, while the side chicks do it for the fun of it. Even some side chicks think and hope the guy will leave his relationship to be with her instead.
    Cheating is cheating and a lot of people are treating their bodies like community centers!!!

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