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Let’s Talk: Is Sexual Pleasure A Deal Breaker In A Relationship?

There are many deal breakers in a relationship from infidelity, trust, finances, and communication. Not many would think that the lack of sexual pleasure would be so detrimental to a relationship but it is.


Many of us know what type of person we are dealing with from their likes, dislikes, turn-ons, and turn-offs. If the relationship started with sexual pleasure, your significant other isn’t going to want you to stop. The issue with relationships majority of the time is inconsistency.


Sexual pleasure should never feel like a job. It’s an enjoyment among two people that want to share their affection another way. One person cannot always be the receiver and never the giver unless your mate is okay with it. But 9 times out of 10, they want to receive if they are giving.


If you are uncomfortable with doing it, then you have to have that talk with your mate. They have to make you feel comfortable. Allow them to show you what gets them off and vice versa. A relationship is about compromise and that includes finding a way to keep the spice in your relationship.


I know many don’t want to hear the truth but you have to remember what you won’t do,someone else will.


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  1. Non V advice:
    Life is too short for bad sex!
    V advice:
    If a person didn’t have sex until they where married they wouldn’t know if the sex was bad or not cause there is nothing to compare it too!!!

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