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Let’s Talk: Would You Stay With Your Man If He Got The Side Chick Pregnant?

Relationships are hard as hell, whether you are dating or married. They require so much from both parties to keep the sparks flowing just like it did at the beginning of the relationship.


As women, we try to be the backbone that our man needs to show how much we love and support him. No matter how much we bend over backwards to keep the relationship going, that doesn’t stop infidelity from occurring. It’s sad to say but it happens quite often in relationships and most of us continuously take them back, hoping for a change.


Infidelity can sometimes be forgiving until the side chick gets pregnant. That’s heartbreaking for any woman. No one wants to go through that situation, especially when you wanted the fairytale ending with your Prince Charming.


Like, why did he have to go and f*ck sh*t up? Being mad at the woman isn’t going to make the situation better. She’s not the one you’re in the relationship with. He knew that he was in a relationship before he started raw dogging the next chick.


For some women, that’s unforgivable. In her eyes, the child is a constant reminder of how he stepped out of the relationship. That’s a lot for someone to try and handle. In most cases, some women are going to leave and never look back.


Now, there are some women who will stay and try to work things out. She may forgive you but she will NEVER forget what you did. When you have a woman that will stick by you through a situation like this, you better spend the rest of your life making her happy. That’s a hard pill for a woman to swallow.


Helping a man take care of a child that’s not her child is a big commitment and because she loves him, she will try to save what’s left of the relationship. It’s not going to be easy but if you are willing to make it work, then go for it.


Would You Stay With Your Man If He Got The Side Chick Pregnant?


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  1. No. I would no longer trust him and without trust, there is no relationship.

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