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Lets Talk: Whose Job Is It To Make The First Move?

Let’s say you meet a guy that you are really feeling and the two of you decide to exchange numbers. The two of you begin talking, but it seems like things are moving very slowly. You want to see if he likes you the way you like him, maybe even enjoy a first date. Do you wait for him to make the first move or do you put your pride aside and go for it?


It’s natural for women to let the men make all the decisions. It’s how we were programmed. However, the problem is men move slow as molasses. Men know instantly that they like you but won’t say anything. It doesn’t help that they are incredibly hard to read.


As women, we know what we want and when we want it, which is our downfall at times. Sometimes a mixture of other emotions and past relationships can cause us to make rational decisions that could end up driving him away. 


Many women believe that the woman is supposed to be approached, regardless of her attraction. They feel that coming on too strong can scare a man away, especially if he’s not exactly ready for commitment and his only intent was to “have fun”. Rushing the relationship is never a good idea. Other women feel that the thrill of the chase died decades ago and it’s a new day. They feel that waiting too long can give off the wrong message. He may think you’re not interested in him and end up walking away. Nowadays, there are more women who don’t want to wait and don’t mind making the first move.


At the end of the day, it’s about communication. For those of you who’ve been both of these women, which approach was more successful for you. Do you find that you get the guy when you go after him or does he appreciate it more when you let him make the first move?

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