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Let’s Talk: Will Pursuing My Friend End Our Friendship?

Many of us have friends of the opposite sex that we have grown extremely close to. You may look at them like a brother or sister or possibly more than just a sibling relationship.


When it comes to a friendship, the two of you know a lot about each other from their likes to dislikes. But what happens when the person you’ve told your secrets to becomes your love interest? One thing for sure is that you cannot control the way you feel about someone. The approach will ultimately determine the outcome.


If the two of you decide to take your friendship to the next level, just know that if things end horribly between you two and your friendship will never be the same.


On the other hand, who’s to say that your relationship won’t work. If you two have been having strong feelings for one another, then it’s possible that once you act on those feelings, that friendship could blossom to a relationship.


Once sex is involved that will bring complications between the two of you. So if you are trying to pursue your friend, ask yourself if it’s worth losing a friend. If it’s something you’re both passionate about, then go for it. Who knows, he or she could be “The One.”

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  1. And then her/his Ex’s can slam you and blame you for being the reason their relationship didn’t have a chance cause he/she had you on the back of his mind the whole time.

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