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A Letter That Malcolm X Wrote About His Marital Issues with Betty Shabazz Is Now Being Sold for $75,000

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Nowadays, people will sell anything… and we mean anything.

According to TMZ, a letter that Malcolm X once penned to his Nation of Islam leader and mentor, Elijah Muhammad, is up for sale.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

In the letter, Malcolm reaches out to Muhammad for marital advice, detailing some of the problems that he and his wife, Betty Shabazz, were having in their marriage.



Reportedly, the note was written in 1959, which would’ve only been a year after Malcolm and Betty married.



Initially, Muhammad’s son obtained the letter and tossed it to his attorney. From there, it went to a collector, but it is now being sold for $75,000 through Moments in Time, an autograph dealer that is most known for buying and selling historical pieces of important people.



Obviously, whatever advice Malcolm was given worked. He and Betty stuck it out up until his assassination in 1965.


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  1. I’m sure Muhammad’s son or family is kicking themselves for just giving away that letter now. But they had a falling out so look where the fighting got them, putting money in the white man’s pocket. ROFLD

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