Lil Boosie Defends R. Kelly, Russell Simmons and Usher: “Why You Aint Say This In The 70s Or The 80s?”

Rapper Lil Boosie doesn’t believe that the sexual assault allegations against R.Kelly aren’t true.

During an interview with Vlad TV, the rapper opened up about his feelings surrounding the recent allegations against R. Kelly, Russell Simmons and Usher. When asked about the difference between #HughHefner and R. Kelly he responded, “If that was a regular RnB artist who had legal girls it wouldn’t even be nothing. It wouldn’t even be nothing. But it’s R Kelly he got a black cloud over his head that’s why they do that to that man,” said Boosie. “Now you wanna take his music off Spotify I got mad. When they talked about they were gone take his music off I got mad! I got in my feelings.”

He then goes on to criticize the attack on Simmons, and questions why women wait to speak out. “Now they f*cking with Russell Simmons. Talkin’ about Russell Simmons touching b*tches. Man has 300 million something dollars in the 80’s. What the f*ck this man gotta ask for p*ssy for? Or try to take p*ssy, or try to rub on p*ssy. B*tch you mad you ain’t end up with him. […]Why you ain’t say this in the 70’s or the 80’s cus you thought he was gone take you home.”

The “Wipe Me Down” rapper states that rappers don’t need to rape women because women are constantly on rappers’ heels. “It’s not like that in celebrity life. N*ggas don’t have to grab arms. N*ggas don’t have to do that to women because women are infatuated with us.” #BoosieBadazz ends his rant highlighting Usher’s incident with Quantasia Shaprton -the woman who filed a lawsuit against the singer for allegedly exposing her to genital herpes.

“Did you see that fat b*tch Usher was, talking bout Usher was f*cking with? That sh*t is hard– aye bruh– Come on now dog. Come on mane! Then everybody believed it soon as they see it. I don’t believe it. N*ggas ain’t taking p*ssy, mane.”

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