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Lil Uzi Wants A New Record Deal, Says His Record Label Is Screwing Him Over

Lil Uzi wants out of his record deal with Generation Now. He’s fed up and wants to iron out a new contract because he thinks the current one is a raw deal. 

According to TMZ, sources close to Uzi claim he’s being exploited by his current deal, as it offers him little room for growth creatively as an artist and doesn’t do enough for his bottom line. Apparently, Generation Now is supposed to cover the rapper’s studio time and recordings, but the label hasn’t paid for any of it, so Uzi is often forced to seek assistance from people close to him in order to cover the costs.

Lil Uzi is tired of the current situation and has made attempts to renegotiate new terms with the record company, one that is more fair and balanced towards his interests, but the record company is not interested in that. 

In the meantime, the label is denying the allegations, including claims that it’s withholding the rapper’s new project, “Eternal Atake.” Generation Now execs claim that Uzi is and has always been in full control of the project from day one. 

In fact, the label claims that it is Uzi, himself, who is making it difficult to move forward with the project, citing the fact that the rapper went off to Philadelphia to record and has been slow to share any of the results of those sessions with the label.  The label can’t determine release dates or marketing and promotion plans if they don’t know where he is in his creative process. 

Meanwhile, Uzi’s recently released single “Free Uzi” has been yanked from streaming services because he used a beat he didn’t have permission to use. 

Hopefully, the issues with his record company can be worked out soon.

Lil Uzi Talks Deal
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