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Listen, Stop Making Yourself Totally Available To Your Potential Boo

Listen, Stop Making Yourself Totally Available To Your Potential Boo -blogged by @peachkyss

Dating can be frustrating as hell, especially when you are at the age where you want to be married. It seems like every person that crosses your path is either clingy, already in a relationship, or doesn’t want to put in work.

Men and women will run the other way and find someone they can chase after, someone who presents a challenge. Time and time again, it is proven that what is handed to you, immediately depreciates in value. That for which you have to work for is all the more rewarding.

No one wants to date someone that will put their goals and aspirations on hold for them. They want to know that you are able to balance a relationship, all while focusing on you. I know it sounds crazy but it is true and I have to agree. When going into a relationship, you cannot lose focus on the big picture. Your future still matters, whether your potential boo is in the picture or not.

I know sometimes it’s easy to consume yourself with the butterflies in your stomach at the sound of his/her name, or at the caller id on your phone when they call. But take a second and GET a GRIP. You have to remember that they have to EARN their place in your life.

When you respect your values and passion, you are showing your potential that you lead a fulfilling life. A life that they one day would want to be part of. You aren’t playing games but you are displaying your own self importance. You aren’t ignoring his phone calls to play the hard to get game- you are allowing them to see that your life has and will continue to go on without them.

No matter how bad you want this to work with your potential boo, you cannot put yourself on hold. When they call, don’t be so quick to answer on the first ring or answering a text as soon as your notification goes off. Take things slow while still building your empire. They will truly thank you later, if they are lucky enough to still be around while you are establishing a future for yourself.

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