Loni Love Opens Up About Private Conversation With Jussie Smollett And Talks The Fate of His Career: “Everybody Can Bounce Back”

Earlier this week, Loni Love divulged the personal conversation she had with “Empire” star, Jussie Smollett, upon his request. During an episode of “The Real,” Love revealed that Smollett contacted her to clear his name, explain his situation, and thank his peers for their support.

“He said that he has reached out [to] people that showed love and support,” Love explained on the show. “He said that I can ask any questions I wanted. I was there not to judge him. I judge wanted to listen to what he had to say.” 

“He’s going through it ya’ll,” she added. “He has a lot of details. There’s a lot of things that’s happening. He was candid. He was raw. He has a lot to say, but he’s not publicly ready to speak.” 

Since then, the comedian has maintained her support of the actor and even shared more information about her private conversation with Smollett with Baller Alert. 

“He as a lot of things that he wants to say, but when he’s ready to say it …he’ll say it,” she said. “He’s reaching out to different people about that. Everybody can bounce back, but I think he just needs some time to process.” 

“I think people need to hear the different answers, but I think they can make their own judgement. There’s a lot of a difference in the story from I heard from him then what was being put out there,” she said.

“He’s going through it, I mean he’s got a whole city against him,” she continued, as she revealed whether or not she believes he’ll be able to bounce back from this. “I think in time he will, but I think he needs to get his side of the story out.”

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