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Love & Hip Hop Star Says BFF Messed With Her Ex, Exposes Text Messages

Which Love & Hip Hop star took to her Instagram account to air out a no good friend? None other than Rasheda “Rah” Ali. The reality show star went on a multi-post rant session about how she took in a friend who had nothing but $20 in her pocket and was on the receiving end of deceit when she found out her friend tried to holler at her ex. Check out the post below! 



Via Rah Ali:

“So I want to share some things with you all in a few brief IG post. You all saw that the past couple of days I welcomed @saniyyah into my home. She slept there, I made breakfast, bought lunch and made dinner. I allowed her to be serviced by my makeup artist for free, she ate, drank, and was chauffeured the whole weekend without having to spend the whole $26 dollars she came off the train with from Philly. One of the days we were out, she was approached by (An Ex of Mine) I wasn’t privy to the exchange of phone numbers because I was talking to other people. Long story short, the next morning she asked me about him and I informed her that he was someone I use to date and expressed some of the situations we had been through. I informed her that he SPECIFICALLY TARGETS MY FRIENDS & ASSOCIATES OF MINE and that he had also slept with two of my other “friends” that he made friends with while they were actually out with me.

I’ll allow you to read the rest of the conversation on your own so you can see exactly the type of female she is. She claims she has a man but Im not exactly sure. Instead of focusing on the right things, and building back everything she’s lost, she’s looking for a life line. I would have respected her honesty if she kept it real. Don’t be deceitful by me because nothing good will come to you grasshopper. You gotta do good if you want to receive it.

We conversed about it back and forth before saying it is what it is and moving on. I want to be clear that I am in NO SHAPE OR FORM mad at her. I consider myself to be a VERY good friend and I want it to be known that you can NOT be fooled by the character of people on Instagram.@saniyyah lives her life for the people, posting clothes, bags + shoes to over compensate for everything she has lost. Repossessed car, Seized House and Depleted bank account.”


Hmmm… Now maybe there is more to this that Rah isn’t posting. Judging from the text messages alone, it looks like Saniy’yah did the right thing. She seemed to have shot him down from what I can tell. For Rahshida to be as upset as she is I can only hope that things got more serious than these texts and she just hasn’t exposed it yet. Otherwise, she is wrong for airing out her friend who SEEMED to do the right thing. Again, from what Rah is insinuating, it looks like maybe the friend didn’t do the right thing at all.


I say spill all the tea or no tea at all.


Saniy’yah had this to say about Rasheda’s post:

“I think this is SUPER WACK but the truth of the matter is, a guy I clearly DID NOT KNOW tried to holla at me, we exchanged #’s.. I didn’t even know his name (clearly)… then the next day was informed that she dated him (or whatever)…. afterwards I ignored him. Today he texted me again & this was my response! How you mad at me when a nigga I DON’T EVEN KNOW tried to holla!? That is the most INSECURE shit in the world…… and aren’t you supposed to be ENGAGED!? GIRL, BYE!!”

In which Rah replied with: 

“You have been KNOWN to do this type of thing to “friends” the point is that it is NOT about a man, its about YOU and your actions. Ive given you all the followers I can give you for one day. I’ll see you when I see you @saniyyah #PleaseKnowShesLYING”

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