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Loyalty Doesn’t Stop When A Friendship Ends

Friendship and loyalty go hand-in-hand but it seems like many are still confused about the qualities of a “true friend.” A friend is someone that you can trust with your emotions, that cares for you, and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you in any way.


Many may think that this conversation is common sense but after watching a recent episode of Basketball Wives, there are still people that don’t know the true meaning of loyalty and friendship. If you haven’t been watching, let me catch you up a little. Evelyn and Jennifer have rekindled their friendship after not speaking to one another after over five years. Well during the hiatus, Jennifer wanted to end Evelyn at any cost even if it means bringing others down with her.


If a friendship is over, it should mean just that. No one should take the time to create drama or have such hatred over someone you supposedly could care less about.


When a friendship ends for whatever reason, there are still certain lines you just don’t cross. Regardless of how you feel about the person, respect goes a long way and should be taken into consideration while moving forward.


It’s one thing to talk sh*t about the former friend that has confided in you, loved you, and been there for you but to tear them down with lies is unbelievable. Loyalty doesn’t end when you stop being friends, keep the same energy you had before. If you break the trust after the friendship, then you were never friends to begin with… PERIOD!


How would you handle the former friend that betrayed you after the friendship was done?

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  1. Never say anything you don’t want repeated but if its the truth keep saying it.

  2. This is another reason people have trust issues. You trust friends. You talk about hopes, dreams, fears and insecurities with them. If the friendship ends for some reason and that person betrays you and tells everyone else those things you spoke about in private they where not your friend to begin!
    When you tell your friend your truth it doesn’t mean that you are okay with this information being repeated for any reason!!! So just because it’s the truth does not give the ex friend the right to repeat it!
    If you can not trust your friend enough to tell them the truth then your not really friends!!! What is the point of being around people that you can not truly express yourself around? Such foolishness can and will lead to emotional problems later on. If you can not learn to trust others and open up how can you expect to hold a healthy relationship? Guess this is another reason divorce rates are so high!

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