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Malik Yusef Denies Scamming Philipp Plein With Fake Kanye West Performance: ‘There Was No Theft Or Fraud Involved’

Malik Yusef may be a Grammy Award winning writer and associate of the G.O.O.D. Music label, but he’s definitely not a thief. At least that’s what he claims. 

Over the weekend, Yusef denied the rumors and shut down all claims that he stole Kanye West‘s name and identity in order to score some major bucks.

“Ain’t no forgery, dog. We have a foundation together. I ain’t never took nothing from Kanye, not even his name. Barely take his fucking advice,” he said. 

This all stemmed from earlier reports of the artist allegedly forging West’s signature to negotiate a performance at Phillip Plein’s New York Fashion Week show. The work was convincing enough to close a deal with the designer, with the rapper locking in a $900,000 advance.

Malik explained to TMZ that Ye knew all about the deal-in-the-making and that the process was”customary.” But, when “The Life of Pablo” artist was no longer available to perform, the money was quickly returned. He even admitted that the “signature” wasn’t a signature, at all. It was a stamp.

On the other hand, a rep in Kanye’s camp described Yusef as having, “no position to negotiate a deal, receive money, or forge Kanye’s signature or sign any contracts on his behalf,” which, in turn, prompted Yusef to formally deny the allegations. 

”There was no theft or fraud involved by my team or myself,” he said. ”Kanye West and I discussed how to fund the nonprofit organization he commissioned me to start over a year ago called Donda Social. He was aware and gave me the green light to talk to Patagonia, Fashion Nova, and Philipp Plein to co-design and create fashion t-shirts that would fill the world with positivity, in exchange for a 750-thousand dollar donation to the nonprofit.” 

”As I found Kanye to be incapulant for unknown reasons, well before any media was contacted and these stories started circulating,” he said, “I immediately contented Philipp Plein and made him aware of Kanye’s intent to withdraw from the arrangement,” which is when the money was returned. 

”Despite all of what’s happened and the false media stories, I still look forward to attending Philipp Plein’s Fashion Show,” which is set to take place on Monday.

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