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Man Attacks His Daughter, Chokes Her, After Finding Her Nudes On Snapchat

A Hamilton County, Tennessee teen notified authorities after she says her father abused her over photos she posted on social media. According to the teen, she was at home when her mother began arguing with her about the pictures she posted on Facebook. Her mother then attempted to spank her, but when she wouldn’t let her mother do so, her father got involved.

Christian Amason, 45, reportedly grabbed his daughter by the throat and began slapping her. The victim ran to her bedroom, where her parents followed and argued with her some more. That is when the victim says her father hit her again, grabbed her by the throat and started choking her.

The victim tells police she called her sister to come pick her up after the attack. According to her parents, they became angry after they found out their daughter was posting nude photos on Snapchat. They admitted to spanking her and Amason also admitted to losing control of his anger.

Amason was arrested and charged with child neglect.

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  1. He was charged w child neglect for child abuse? Interesting. Abuse must carry a heavier sentence!? Smh one day she will be happy to have a father that cares..

  2. Damn… I understand being upset. What he did is not a “spanking..” He beat her muthafuckin ass and that’s abuse.

    • You’re a kid. Ofcourse you think it’s abuse. So who’s going to protect her when the pervs come around? The police? You see how much police give a dam about your safety? It’s their safety first, and they’re no different than any other killer.

  3. So a cop can punch a kid slam a kid an toss a kid across a room which is child abuse for not complying. But if your a patent an there not listening to you an pay nudes are even seeing at you an you can’t do nothing. That’s interesting.. Hmmmm

  4. Post , swing

  5. Totally agree with his reaction. She is obviously out of control and not to mention under age. Now a days you can’t even punish your own child?

  6. I dont see anything wrong with his reactions.

  7. I would have beat her ass the exact same way !! Wana. E grown I’m Gona be your ass like a grown woman . Teens are out here wildin nowadays not like when we were growing up . Times have changed and these kids are out of control . I would have beat my daughters ass again if she called he cops on me ???

  8. In my opinion that father is right. I would have done the same. Will she ever post nudes again?? I guess not! Lesson learned.

  9. Aww Hezzy NAW!!! That father did the right thing! And like Bodene said – the cops can punch, kick, choke slam, taze, and shoot your kid!!!! But it’s okay for them to do it. Nope now we have to out smart our kids. The parents should have called the cops on her for posting those pics and let her get child porno charges. And once she get out tell her she can’t live with you. You want to be grown and post your naked butt than pay your own dang bills! I wonder who is paying her phone bill? Oh, no that kid will not be living in my house once I make bail!!!

    • I’m with you??????
      You want to be grown?……….. then get the fuck on, He beat her ass for disrespecting her mother after they attempted to TALK TO HERabout the photos!!! She should’ve taken her spanking and took her ass to bed
      GOOD NIGHT??

  10. He Did Right!!!!! These Kids Now A days Are Fucking Wild Too Fucking Wild,I Would’ve Got My Ass Beat The Same Fucking Way!I Don’t Think He Should’ve Went To Jail For That Shit!

  11. You should never NEVER resort to choking your child out. Thats not ok. If you still have to spank your child at 15 you already failed. They need to turn the little hoes phone off permanently and charge her rent since she want to be grown

    • No maybe not the choking but she deserved EVERY SLAP she received!!! Do you realize how many kids are killing their parents now a days?? I’m proud of both parents for taking a stand together, but since she got her dad arrested for showing love and concern for her well being, I’m sorry she could no longer live under my roof can you say emancipated!!!!

  12. That’s what her fast a$$ get, then she would’ve been screaming r@pe down the line. I applaud him.

  13. So let her go live on her own then. A 15 yr know it all. If you can’t live by your parents rules then get out. They simply want her to respect herself and not act like a whore.

  14. It is nonsense! The father was mad. I agree he did the right thing.I wouldn’t of choke her.She will be paying rent!

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