Man Caught With Over 100 Stolen Cell Phones At Coachella

Man Caught With Over 100 Stolen Cell Phones At Coachella


If you’re planning on heading to weekend 2 of Coachella, make sure to hold onto your phone tightly.

The annual festival kicked off last Friday, and amid the music and partying, over 100 concertgoers realized their cellphones were missing in action. After the onset panic of realizing they couldn’t document their experience on social media, a few of the people missing their devices turned on their  “Find My iPhone” feature and managed to track the culprit in real time.

36-year-old Reinaldo De Jesus Henao of New York was found on the festival grounds with a backpack full of over 100 stolen smartphones. Coachella security detained him until the police arrived and he was eventually charged with grand theft and possession of stolen property.

A few owners were reunited with their phones on the spot. The rest were brought to the festival’s lost and found.

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