Man Gets Arrested After Receiving & Keeping TV In A Shipping Error

Who would’ve thought getting charged with larceny would be a consequence of a shipping mistake? Definitely not Nick Memmo.

The Freetown, Massachusetts native made Boston News 25 headlines after he was arrested for what he called a “scratch ticket.” When he purchased a 74-inch flat screen from Amazon, he was also sent an 86-inch. Instead of immediately sending it back, Memmo decided to mount it in his living room. 

Eventually, police got involved after the third-party shipping company claimed to have tried to contact him about the error, but didn’t get a response. That’s when Nick said cops questioned him about the TV, in which he admitted, “I answered a lot of questions with I don’t know just so I didn’t jeopardize myself.” Days passed before he found his house surrounded by cops with “flashlights coming through all of the windows.” A house search helped officers stumble upon the flat screen and pushed the 35-year-old into police custody.

Memmo also admitted to “looking into all the laws,” which helped convince him to keep the TV. In fact, he claimed, Amazon basically said, “You know what? Keep it!”…Really?

Oddly, even though Nick feels he’s done nothing wrong he’s disputing the claim by the company that he signed for the delivery. In the meantime, Jail time is on the table.

Man Arrested For Tv

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