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Man Leaves 2lbs Of Marijuana In Uber, Gets Arrested By State Troopers When He Attempts To Retrieve It

21-year-old Malik Mollett of Pennsylvania left 2lbs pounds of marijuana in an Uber, and when he tried to meet up with the driver to retrieve it, he actually met up with state troopers instead. Starting the New Year off terribly already.

According to police, the driver was working as an Uber driver on December 29th and received an email from Uber letting him know that a previous rider left a package in his vehicle with a phone number where he could reach the passenger. On January 2nd, police were dispatched after the Uber driver called 911 following his discovery of the marijuana in his car. January 9th, a state trooper posed as the Uber driver and called Mollett to meet up to retrieve his lost package.

When police called, Mollett answered and said that he had left the package in the car and he would meet with the driver a.k.a trooper to get it back. According to the criminal complaint, he confirmed his name and told the trooper that the bag in question was black. The trooper took a picture of the bag and sent it to Mollett, at which he confirmed it was his bag.

The trooper then made arrangements to meet with Mollett at a McDonald’s in Irwin, PA. When Mollet arrived at the restaurant, a trooper went inside and gave the bag to Mollett, followed by another trooper shortly after who took Mollett into custody.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Steve Limani said Mollett seemed happy to get it back…at first. “I think he even referred ‘How much of this did you guys smoke?’ And the undercover officer that we had dropping it off said they did not consume any of his marijuana,” Limani said. “And he could have it back if this is his. He acknowledged it was his. And at that point in that, our undercover officer walked away, and the other undercover officers that were in the restaurant took him into custody.”

Mollett is being held on a $150,000 bail. Police said the marijuana was a very high grade and had a street value of thousands of dollars.

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