Man Stabs Stepmom To Death For Gloating About The Dallas Cowboys

Not everyone wants to hear about how well the Dallas Cowboys are doing this season. Though watching the 12-2 Cowboys win week after week can be daunting to non-fans, most take it in stride. Others, not so much. Unfortunately, one unsuspecting mother had to lose her life over it.


Magdalena Ruiz and her husband were watching the Cowboys game at their home in Austin, TX on Sunday. 20 year old Pontrey O’Neal Jones returned home from taking a walk to see Ruiz “disrespecting his father and gloating about how the Cowboys won the game.” He didn’t take kindly to that.


That is when Jones went behind the couch and retrieved a knife he stashed there earlier in the day. He lunged at Ruiz and stabbed her multiple times. Jones fled the apartment after his father jumped in to intervene. Authorities located him ten minutes later laying naked in some grass nearby.



According to the police affidavit, Jones originally intended to kill his younger sister by snapping her neck. Instead, he “developed a plan” to kill his stepmother and that’s why he stashed a knife behind the couch in the living room. It was not immediately clear why Jones wanted to kill his sister.


Ruiz was pronounced dead at the hospital. Jones was arrested and being held on $500,000 bond.




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