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Too Many F*ck Boys and Not Enough Real Men; Who Is Raising These F*ck Boys?

About a week ago, Tiffany Haddish expressed her aggravation at the airport when she and her friends were loading their SUV and a male reporter stood there and watched. Once the women were finished loading, the reporter wanted an interview. Since the video went viral, f*ck boys are back with their lack of intelligence and respect for women.


Growing up, my mother and the men in my life showed me what I should be expecting of a man. Some of those things consisted of respect, loyalty, and of course, manners. I have always seen men opening the door for a woman, pulling out her chair for her to sit down, and etc. Nowadays, there are too many f*ck boys that make excuses for why they will not open a door or help a woman in need and have the audacity to say, “what happened to equality?”



I was appalled at some of the responses from the men and some women on how it wasn’t the reporter’s job to help Tiffany Haddish load her bags. Guess what? You are absolutely correct! It is not a man’s job to help a woman load her luggage. Matter of fact, it is not a woman’s job to make sure you have a hot plate on the table when you come home. It is not her job to make sure the bills are paid and the house is taken care of. You know what else, it is not her job to have sex with you when she is clearly tired from working all day, coming home to cook and clean, and still try to maintain her sanity.



This is not about the reporter showing his lack of respect because clearly he wasn’t raised correctly. But this is for the f*ck boys who are okay with being a weak-minded man. Don’t give us the “my momma raised me by herself without a man” speech. Because let me tell you something, your momma didn’t want to raise your a$$ by herself. She wanted the help and for whatever reason, she didn’t have that option of assistance, so she did what most of us would do and that is to take care of our responsibilities.



As a man, why would you think it is okay to not hold a door open for a woman or help her when in need? This douche bag mentality has to stop because all you are doing is raising future f*ck boys and trust me, there are enough of you out here as it is.

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