Mariah Carey Believes She Was Sabotaged

Mariah Carey’s team believes that her New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square was sabotaged for ratings.

Sources say, prior to the disastrous performance, Mariah complained several times to the production team that her inner earpiece was not working. Even while doing her interview with Ryan Seacrest before the performance, the diva says she is having trouble hearing.

After complaining to Dick Clark productions that her inner ears were not working properly, Mariah was told that her ear piece would be on a different frequency when she hit the stage and that there would be no problem. Unfortunately, sources say that was not the case.

Six minutes before it was time for Mariah to hit the stage, she sat in her holding tent, frantic because she still could not hear. Mariah sources say they were assured the tent muffled the sound, and it would be fine on stage. To be sure it wasn’t her microphone, someone changed the battery on her mic pack. Clearly that wasn’t it.

When Mariah hit the stage, she still complained of not being able to hear, but those weren’t the only issues. Sources close to the Star say when she got on stage the prompter wasn’t working.  The prompter has the lyrics when they appear in the song as well as stage cues.

By that time, Mariah ripped her ear piece out and thought she would be able to wing it by just listening to the music externally. However the crowd at Times Square was so loud, she couldn’t hear a thing.

Mariah’s team believes that the diva was thrown under the bus “so they could get Mariah drama.”  They fired off a nasty email to to an Exec at Dick Clark Productions, saying, “This is sabotage.”

A rep at Dick Clark Productions says that the sabotage claim is “silly” and that Mariah declined to do a sound check and had a stand in do it instead. They also say there were 8 monitors on stage amplifying sound, so even without an inner ear, Mariah should have been able to hear just fine.


Watch the tragedy go down below:

Did anyone catch #mariahcarey’s performance….or lack thereof?

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Oh, this was all bad #mariahcarey

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