“Marriage Boot Camp” Production Shut Down After Brawl Between Hazel-E and Shanda Denyce

Production on the popular WETv show “Marriage Boot Camp” was shut down after a major brawl between Hazel E and Shanda Denyce, wife of Day26 singer Willie Taylor. 

According to TMZ, the melee erupted after Shanda confronted Hazel over controversial comments she made against dark-skinned black women back in 2017. 

Sources said Shanda and Hazel-E started brawling first, tearing down a set of drapes in the ‘Boot Camp’ house in the process. Then Hazel’s model boyfriend Devon B. and Denyce’s husband reportedly got in involved, and all hell broke loose. 

Witnesses claim it took several security guards and crew members to break them up but not before the men did major damage to the furniture, as a marble table was cracked and several chairs were destroyed.

It took a while for the entire house to settle down, but the production is expected to resume. No word yet on whether any of the altercation will air.

Hazel-E and Shanda

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