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Married Woman And Her Side Piece Catch An Uber To A Hotel, The Driver Was The Woman’s Husband

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Don’t let the title fool you, it didn’t happen just that easily. God told that man he’s gonna learn today…in a pretty bizarre way.

The woman identified as Yeimy and her side bae Jesús were gonna end their evening together in a #Columbia hotel so they requested an Uber to get them there. As usual, the app displayed their driver, Leonardo, so the couple didn’t think anything of it once the car arrived. But when they got inside, ain’t no Leonardo bih. It was Yeimy’s husband.
According to Newsweek, ”what had happened was”…her husband had borrowed a friend’s vehicle and was using that friend’s #Uber account to moonlight as a driver (which is strictly prohibited by Uber).
What transpired after has turned into a local urban legend, some saying they saw the three individuals get out of the vehicle and the two men fought while the woman tried to break it up. Others say the woman and her side boo fled the wrath of her husband and ran off.
Either way, let’s hope this is a lesson for both Uber drivers and cheating spouses. Don’t let your homie get your Uber account deactivated and don’t cheat without your own wheels🤷🏾‍♀️

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