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Marrying Young Brings Doubters

There’s this notion that people who marry at a young age, will not be married more than 5 years. I’m not sure where this number came from because there shouldn’t be a time-frame on how long a person will stay with their mate.


Many of us fell in love at a young age, possibly high school. The two of you are so in love, that you feel that it’s only right to make it last forever. When telling your parents about your decision of tying the knot, the first they will ask is, “Are you sure this what you want to do?”


Friends and family feel that if you get married at 20, your life is over. They want you to enjoy your twenties since that’s such a “special” time in ones life.


The doubters will tell you how you have the rest of your life to get married. There’s no rush. Honestly, there isn’t a rush but if you’re happy in your relationship and your decision, then do what makes the both of you happy.


You are always going to have doubters in your corner, but at the end of the day you should always do what’s best for you and bae. Your life your decisions.

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