Masin Elije Calls Out Dwight Howard and His Team: “I Was Sexually Harassed, Threatened and Manipulated By Someone I Respected”

Dwight Howard is trending on #Twitter and NOT for basketball. A Twitter user by the name “Masin Elije” spilled tea on the NBA star…and brought receipts for every cup. 

Masin tweeted, “I was afraid to speak but today my life was threatened after I was sexually harassed, threatened and manipulated, by someone I respected, my ex-boyfriend NBA player Dwight Howard, and his camp also “ catfished”  by his disrespectful ass PASTOR.”

Masin shared her alleged relationship with Dwight, revealing that they met at #WildNOut a while ago and built up a relationship via “finsta,” what she described as his fake Instagram account. She said things began to get serious but went left when she found out he was hiding his sexual escapades with trans women from his family and friends but he was also sleeping with another transgendered woman and participating in sex parties.

Masin posted a screen recording of the conversation from Dwight’s official Instagram account, in which she asked, “Does your mother, brother, friends know that you like to deal with trans and men? It that’s just something you’ve kept to yourself?” Dwight responds, “I don’t want to answer.”

She then posted an audio recording of a conversation between them where Dwight was pretty much expressing that neither of them should feel threatened by the situation, but he also will not allow anything to ruin what he’s worked hard for. After that Masin posted a second audio recording of how she found out he was sleeping with someone else and tweeted a photo of the woman. Apparently, Dwight had an “understanding” with both of them.


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Next, Masin shared yet another audio clip of her blasting him for sleeping with people at sex parties unprotected, even bringing up how he was raised into question. 

According to her, the relationship with Dwight was over; especially after he allegedly threatened to “beat the sh*t” out of her. She went on to say she began to get random blocked calls one day and come to find out, it was Dwight’s pastor harassing and threatening her. 

She said they wanted her to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement and accept hush money, but when she refused, the threats got worse. 

Masin explained they made remarks insinuating they knew where she was and she would need to move away.

As a result, Masin is now in fear of her life.

She said she used social media to send a message in case something happens to her. She concluded her story by stating she has contacted the police but if anything happens to her, don’t stop fighting for her. She tweeted, “I want you guys to know, I have already contacted police but if anything shall happen to ME, this is the truth, here is my proof and I don’t want you guys to ever stop fighting for ME and what is right! Dwight Howard is heartless and has the power to stop all this, but he WONT!”

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