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Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan Officially Divorced


Matt Barnes can finally sleep peacefully knowing that he is officially a single man. However, it may have cost him a pretty penny.

The NBA baller and his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, split two years ago, after a year and 11 months of marriage.


Initially, things were cool between the two, however, when Govan popped up a year later with Barnes’ former teammate, Derek Fisher, things turned ugly. Now, it seems they may be ready to keep the past in the past, since they are officially divorced.


Both Barnes and Govan have agreed on child and spousal support, which is good since Barnes has previously stated that he’s gone weeks without seeing his twin boys as a result of Govan’s alleged pettiness. 


According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Matt Barnes has been paying $5,000 per son, per month in child support this past year. Due to their new agreement, that number will increase to $10,000 per son, per month, until the boys are 19. As for Gloria, Barnes reportedly gave her $20,000 per month in spousal support this past year, totaling $240,000. That’s it for her as far as spousal support is concerned. Barnes doesn’t have to pay her anything else.


In an effort to limit the social media war between Barnes and Govan, the two have to attend co-parenting counseling, in hopes that they will be able to get along in the future.

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