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Meek Mill Says He Didn’t Rob & Vandalize Nicki Minaj’s Home

Last week Nicki Minaj’s home was vandalized. Aside from her property, including furniture and clothing, being destroyed, $200,000 worth of expensive jewelry was stolen from the home. Though reports did not specify who the culprit was, sources believed this was a personal attack.


Meek Mill, Nicki’s ex, took a second to address the rumors, saying that he was not involved in the incident that took place at Nicki’s home.


TMZ caught Meek Mill outside of Life nightclub in Houston on Friday and asked him if he robbed Nicki Minaj. Meek showed off his chains, saying, “Does it look like I rob people? I got about 450 on my neck, 80 on the wrist. Does it look like I rob people?”


When asked if he talked to Nicki since the incident, Meek tells the paparazzi, “You’re asking too many questions about my personal life.

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