Mega Church Pastor John Gray Admits To Cheating On Wife, Lamborghini Anniversary Gift May Have Been An “I’m Sorry” Gift Instead

Megachurch Pastor John Gray made headlines last month when he  had to defend purchasing his wife, Aventer Gray, a $200,000 Lamborghini Urus for their 8th wedding anniversary using his own money and not funds from the church. Well now, it seems as though the purchase may have been a token of guilt, as the pastor openly admitted in a recent sermon that he cheated on his wife. He also allegedly fathered another child with another woman.

In his sermon, Pastor John Gray said, “We had to keep smiling because even though we were struggling,” Gray reveals. “Even though I was failing as a husband, I was already in front of the people and the people can’t really receive my brokenness because where do leaders go when they belled? So I had to bleed alone. And what’s strange is I traveled the whole world and the Holy Ghost showed up and people got saved and me and my wife just kept smiling and nobody knew we were getting ready to get a divorce. Because as long as I kept producing, nobody cared what was happening at home.” He added, “I started listening to the wrong voices and let some people get too close. She found out and she set it off just like a good wife should.”

His wife, Pastor Aventer Gray, also spoke on the situation and defended her husband and their marriage. She stated, “And then I prayed for them and him and then the devil loses. Because what’s not going to happen is you tell me that I’m going to lose my purpose because someone whispered to a 16-year-old John. The devil is a lie. I’m standing with my husband and you can go back to the pits of hell where you came from. Was I upset? Yes. Was I heartbroken? Yes But you better learn how to get in there for the- what’s the vows? Better and worst shows up you don’t run away.”

Following the more recent headlines, Aventer took to Instagram and expressed that she is at peace with how her personal life is being portrayed in the public eye. She wrote, “I’m so in love with 2019 already. Let the Lord do it for you. Yeah, That’s it. Where is your peace? I have mine. We should want the peace of God more than anything else in life.”

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