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Mel B’s Ex Says She Has A “Distaste” Towards African Americans

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have gone from a bitter divorce to a bitter custody battle. 

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Mel and Belafonte are at each other’s throats over custody of their daughter. In Belafonte’s recent declaration, he has made some big allegations against Mel B. He claims that she is racist and has a “distaste” for African Americans. 

“Simply put, I believe Petitioner is simply upset that I hired an African American nanny and that Madison has African American friends when she is with me,” Belafonte states. He continued by saying he was concerned that Mel B would “try and pass her racist agenda off to our daughter (as Petitioner believes she is Armenian).”

Belafonte claims that in a text message, Mel B referred to their daughter’s friend as a “black boy.” He says she stated the boy’s family has “needles and glass pipes” in their house.

On another occasion, Belafonte states that Mel B berated him by saying he needs to get a job and that he was “lazy like every other black man.”

The two went to court on Thursday (October 11) but no major rulings were made. They are scheduled to return to court in November.

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  1. I believe everything he says about her.

  2. Dude is clearly a idiot looking for the money.. that’s all… you got to love pathetic nonsensne like that..

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