Melii Explains Why She Signed With Tory Lanez Over Meek Mill

Melii Explains Why She Signed With Tory Lanez Over Meek Mill

New York rapper Melii dropped her debut album ‘PhAses’ this week and has already sparked controversy and possibly an impending beef. After Meek Mill welcomed Melii on his Motivation Tour, he seemed to be under the impression that she would sign with his Dreamchasers label. However, in celebrating the release of her project, Tory Lanez made an Instagram post congratulating Melii,  welcoming her to his One Umbrella label. 

Moments later, Meek Mill commented on the post, writing, “This a corny ass move on both y’all end,” which led fans to believe there’d been miscommunication between the two. However, Melii later addressed the entire situation via Instagram story, writing, “It’s easy to judge n argue about things that aren’t true n seem a certain way because of social media. But not once have I bashed Meek or even plan on doing so.”

“I never intended to snake anyone if anything I tried my best to work around many things that put me in uncomfortable situations,” she said. “As a woman, a lot of things I stood for weren’t there, so I took the high road n gracefully removed myself.”

She also added, “I still respect Meek n off of emotions it’s okay to react the way he did but if we all take a step-down n see it for was [sic] it is, I’m not the crazy b**ch or the ungrateful person u want to make urself believe I am. My decision with going with Umbrella was based off an offer that was already there from years ago n wanting to better my craft n where I felt I belonged.”

Melli responds to meek mill

Melii then sat down for an interview with Hot 97’s Nessa and addressed the situation involving her, Meek Mill, and Tory Lanez, stating that she wouldn’t mind having an in-person discussion to resolve the issue. Melii said that “at the end of the day, all three of us are somewhat connected.” She continued, “The way that it could’ve been handled is that…my generation, we just take things on to social media instead of thinking before we speak. It’s a natural thing to go into social media. We all have each other’s number.”

Amid the drama, screenshots of an alleged comment made by Melii began circulating, regarding Meek using other tactics to get her onboard with his team. “I AINT WANNA F*CK HIM. HE KEPT SAYING I WAS ACTING BOUJEEE THAT I WAS ANOTHER NICKI MINAJ AND WHEN ID SPEAK UO [sic] FOR MYSELF HE WOULD CALL ME CRAZY,” the comment read. However, Melii has not confirmed the validity of the remark.


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