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A Message To Men: Appreciate The Mother Of Your Kids, and Ladies Recognize That A Baby Won’t Make A Man Stay

Co-Parenting and the lack of has been a topic of discussion for a while. Regardless of what the relationship status is, if two people have children together, then they need to work together to ensure that the child’s best interest is at heart.

One of the biggest issues that seem to aggravate and piss mothers off is the lack of support from some men. Now, don’t get me wrong there are some amazing fathers but there are too many “fathers” that refuse to support their children.

Men can continue with their lives and pursue their dreams without saying “Thank you” to the mother for all that she does. The late nights, doctor visits, school events, extracurricular activities, and so much more. Like, how do you think it’s okay to pop in and out of the child’s life when you feel like it? Instead, you rather come around every blue moon and try to give your opinion on how she should raise her child. Now, I understand that it’s your child as well, but how about you men start acting like it. If you aren’t going to be around physically, emotionally, and financially stay your a** away, along with your opinions.

Now, ladies, you are not off the hook either. This is for the women that thought a baby would keep the man around and later realize that he doesn’t want to be with you. Just because he doesn’t want you, doesn’t mean he won’t be in the child’s life. He just doesn’t want you. Period. If the man is trying to be a father, then let him. Don’t continue to be rude, nasty, and bitter because he has moved on with someone else.

Rather than constantly arguing with one another over the same thing, try to work together. Show your children the importance of a family and that the two of you can be around one another without constantly going at each other’s throats. In the end, you are hurting the child. Put your differences aside, and appreciate what each of you bring to the table. Co-parenting together respectfully will take you so much further, together.


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